Oloilu Brand Story

Brand story

On a mission to make you feel at home wherever you are.

Oloilu Studio Helen, Jonas & Tapio

Good for humans and nature

Oloilu is a Chinese-Finnish designer brand cherishing playfulness. We are here to make the spaces where life happens a little bit more fun with our take on Scandinavian design.

The story of Oloilu began with Helen Xin’s idea of a designer collection of playful and safe high quality products that would be good for both people and nature. Already a fan of Scandinavian, and particularly Finnish design, Xin began searching for the right designer for her project.

In 2019 her path crossed with not just one but two designers – Tapio Anttila and Jonas Hakaniemi, who had already dipped their feet in the Chinese market and collaborated with several brands.

Designed with a twinkle in the eye

Launched in 2020 Oloilu explores traditional materials, felt and wood, in a unique way and with the purpose of making you feel at home wherever you are.

In Finnish, Oloilu could be best described as a cousin to Danish hygge – feeling of warmth and coziness, a care-free state of mind, but with an addition of a significant amount of twinkle in the eye.

– Finnish design is, I believe, the friendliest in the world. It’s not just functional and pretty but also mindful of the environment, and somehow beautifully on balance with the world, Helen Xin says. 


Oloilu Mohko - Forest path brand story
Oloilu Feeling - Cottage

Always curious, always exploring

As it is written on our slogan, Oloilu is about multi-functional products that are safe and fun for everyone. All the pieces of the collection are of high quality and tested safe even for the youngest of the family.

It is in our DNA to constantly evolve and explore new functions and materials for our designs. One of the main interests of ours is eco-friendliness, sustainable use of materials, and recyclability.

In the future, we are hoping to add to our product family with new and interesting items that spark joy to your spaces.